Air Studio Jewelry Creations by
Babis Kakoulidis – Jewelry Designer & Artisan Goldsmith

Babis designs and crafts pieces of jewel exclusively in silver & gold combined with other materials such as precious stones and pearls.
His lifelong passion for design has been materialized in unique jewelry creations. After a successful career of 25 years at the Greek Air Force he decided that the time has come to fulfill his lifelong dream. His passion for arts, design and creativity led him as a student to the Stemnitsa Silver & Goldsmith School. He has since continued to gain practice, knowledge, and expertise in working with medals and jewels as an apprentice with highly trained jewellery craftsmen.
His workshop “Air Studio Jewelry Creations” was established in 2017 in a historic setting close to Ancient Olympia, Peloponnisos, Greece.
Ηe specializes in custom design incorporating simple lines and geometric shapes. Inspired by his Air Force years he designs fine & unique jewels with a strong Aviation theme such as the “Spooky” Ring among many others fine pieces.
He works closely with the client discussing concepts and depicting ideas through high resolution images using modern technology and handmade techniques.
In collaboration with modern workshops and his own experience in bespoke jewelry Babis can create almost every design & shape you dream and imagine. Just send him a paper with a design and let him turn it into a fine jewel, a precious & unique piece of art in the world, telling its own story…
“A piece of jewel is not simply a piece of metal combined with stones and other material. It is a piece of our mind and soul. It is something that we dreamed of or imagined at some point in our life; something that we wish to remind us of people and situations that we experienced throughout our lives. Memories that are deeply engraved in our hearts.
Our aim is to convert these immaterial thoughts, memories and imaginative desires into something tangible and precious such as a unique jewel in gold or silver: everlasting and unaltered in time”
Best Regards,
Captain(R) Babis Kakoulidis
Jewelry Designer & Artisan Goldsmith